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by Dr. Synthia Andrews, ND - Career Press, New Page Books

Meg Blackburn Spot light radio-June 22  Awakening Zone
Scott Cluthe's Positively Incorrect Radio-June 9, 7:30 pm Central
Sandy Andrew June 18, 11:00 am EST    
Jim Harold June 20, 8:00 pm EST Paranormal Podcast
Jamie Havican  Inception Radio June 24, 9:00 pm EST
Barb Adam Radio America Now June 25, 10 pm EST
Daniel Bautz June 27, 10 :30 pm EST
Leilani Universal Spiritual Connection  June 28, 9 :00 pm EST
Ron Ash June 30, 10 am EST
Sonia Barret June 30, 12:00 pm EST Sovereign Mind Radio
Angel Espino July 3, 10 pm EST
Donna Voll Spirit Connections July 5,  5-6 pm EST Connections with Donna
Dr Katie Lynn Garnett July 5, 10 pm EST  Living in the Quantum Field
Dr Pat July 6, 6pm EST
Dr. Steve Farmer. EarthMagic Radio August 11, 7 :00 pm EST
Zita Ost  The Buzz August 15, 9:00 pm EST
Monique Chapman PhD presents Walking with Spirit August 17th at 5-6 PM PT.
Astrid Stromberg Brilliant Essence  Radio August 18, 1 pm
Royce  Hollerman Paranormal Palace Radio August 23, 8:00 pm CST
Walking with Spirit with Monique Chapman. August 17, 5.00 pm PT,
Ideasicle Podcast with Will Burns (Listen below)
Synthia Andrews is available for conferences and lectures which she has provided across the united States, in England and Malta. She also teaches energy awareness to smaller groups
and is willing to work with organizers to create weekend workshops in your area. Workshops can be arranged for developing energy awareness, using energy skills in daily life, and using
energy awareness for health and healing. She also teachers Basic and Intermediate level Jin Shin Do (R) Bodymind Awareness (TM) to professional groups such as  bodyworkers,
nurses, PT's, and also to lay people who want skills to use with family members. To find out if JSD classes provide you with CE's contact
For availability and  pricing contact us through the contact page. We also invite you to submit requests f or workshop content.   Thank you.
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Cosmic Particles 6/22/11
Blog Talk Radio
An in depth discussion with
Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey.
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April 2013. Dr. Synthia Andrews, “The Path of Emotions” - select
'Full Power Living' with Eileen Dillon
Starseed Radio Academy
Blog Talk Radio
Energy Awareness
Brilliant Essence Radio Show
"The Path of Energy
Ideasicle Podcast
Dr. Synthia Andrews: 'Subtle Energy'
Episode #17, Aug 30, 2011
Her book: The Path of Energy
The Universal Learning Series
with Sandy Andrew.
Dr. Synthia Andrews & her new book:
'The Path of Energy'