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The Path of Energy Summary
The Path of Energy: Awaken your Personal Power and Expand your Consciousness
By Synthia Andrews, ND

Foreword By Barbara Marciniak, author of the best selling book, "Bringers of the Dawn"

We are in a time of shifting paradigms and transformation. If advances in quantum physics are indicators,
the new paradigm is an awakening to the awareness that there is no separation between the seen and the
unseen domains, between the material world and the world of subtle energy. Learning to consciously
interact in the realm of subtle energy is the next step in personal and planetary transformation. Your body
is wired to navigate the terrain.

The Path of Energy is a unique handbook of principles and practices for developing and using energy
awareness in all aspects of life. It is a guide to living with expanded consciousness. Included are
techniques that build energy awareness and use this skill to enliven your potential. It provides meditations
to active different levels of awareness, along with methods for using subtle energy to empower creative
change. It includes:
  • A forward By Barbara Marciniak, author of four books including Path to Empowerment (2004)
  • Basic energy concepts
  • The four techniques used in energy activation: meditation, visualization, awareness and discipline
  • Thirteen meditations to activate different levels of awareness
  • Practices for everyday use including:
  • Grounding and centering;
  • Manifesting
  • Healing,
  • Clearing space
  • Protection
  • Building intimacy in relationships
  • Overcoming Limitations
  • Increasing intuitive and psychic capacity
  • Preparing the physical body to handle higher frequency

This book does not contain dogmatic structure or secret information. You will not find rules, ultimatums,
warnings, or requirements to “do it right.”  Instead you will be guided in understanding and trusting your
own innate ability.

“Subtle energy is more than life force; it is the substance of reality and the vehicle of consciousness.
Your body is wired to navigate this domain. You are equipped with everything needed to engage the world
of energy and creatively change your life. You simply need to remember how.”
Energy Awareness and Expanding Consciousness
Synthia Andrews, ND

The world is changing and old ways of doing things, old ways of seeing reality are no longer sustainable. New directions are called for across all
spectra of life; economically, socially, politically, ecologically and spiritually. When many structures, man-made and natural, are simultaneously
changing, it heralds a paradigm shift; a change in how we view the universe and our place within it. If advances in quantum physics are indicators, the
new world view recognizes what mystics have always said, that there is no separation between the seen and unseen domains, between the material
world and the forces of subtle energy, or life force. Ultimately, the paradigm shift is an expansion of consciousness, an awakening to spiritual reality,
although what spiritual reality is must be defined individually.

What is clear is that the world is made of more than what we see, feel and hear. It is made of a sea of energy from which the circumstances and
events of life unfold. To change your life, you must first shift the energy patterns that hold conditions in place. The ability to interact in this realm is
innate and natural. You do it subconsciously all the time. The trick is to be able to interact consciously. As many are awakening to the energy matrix
of life, inner senses are stirring and subtle energy awareness is being activated. With awareness you can navigate the world of subtle energy, further
expand your consciousness, and creatively generate the circumstances of your life.   

Einstein’s ground breaking equation E= MC2 (energy equals mass times the speed of light squared) informs that energy and matter are the same
substance separated only By the speed of their movement, or rate of vibration. Energy and matter live in a perpetual dance of transformation; energy
entrained in matter, matter released back to energy. Life is the transformational meeting place as the body balances energetic and physical
substances in an alchemical exchange. Your body is wired to navigate this sea of life force. It is the vehicle for your consciousness to explore this

As a vehicle, the body is a sensitive instrument able to identify and work with energy that exists outside the detectable range of current technology
(as radio waves and microwaves once were). Just as the eyes receive information in the spectrum of visible light frequency, and the ears receive
information in the spectrum of audible sound frequency, the physical body has an energy counterpart, the energy body, which receives subtle energy
frequencies. As the eyes and ears translate frequency into visual and auditory information, so too the energy body translates frequency data into gut
feelings, intuition and other forms of body knowledge.

Your physical body is your key to engaging energy realms as it provides you with the information your energy body is receiving. Paying attention to
your body is the first step to conscious interaction. As you take notice, you begin to realize that certain sensations, emotions and perceptions
correlate to specific changes in energy flow. As you align with the flows of subtle energy, events unfold more easily and synchronising leads you into
life enriching events. The ability to use mind and heart to manifest the circumstances of your life increases.

As consciousness is expanding in the paradigm shift underway, the energy body is becoming more sensitive. You may be having experiences you
haven’t had before and don’t completely understand. Do you know who is on the phone when it rings? Do you think of people only to have them
appear around the next corner? Are you seeing lights in the sky and auras around people? Do you feel energy moving in your body in unexplained
sensations such as body jolts, inner vibration, goose bumps and tingling? You notice that you are processing information differently and assessing
facts in the light of internal discernment beyond rationality and logic. Learning how to access your innate energy awareness will help you engage
these transitional experiences more fully.

Ancient systems suggest that the universe is made of many dimensions and that we are connected to them through our energy body. In other words,
we are multi-dimensional beings. Attainment of multi-dimensional awareness is thought to be part of the shift, a concept made more plausible with the
revelation through quantum physics of the seemingly paranormal nature of subatomic particles. According to ancient Hindu texts, different dimensions
vibrate at specific rates which correspond to specific layers in the radiance around the body called the aura. The subtle energy information received
By the aura is fed into the body through centers called chukkas and distributed through channels called meridians. Since each layer of the aura
corresponds to a different level or dimension of reality, engaging your energy senses will help you experience different dimensions.

In the past, expanding consciousness was viewed as a rising up through the chakra energy structures receiving first from the lower, more physical
dimensions then from the higher, more spiritual dimensions. Growth was a step-by-step progression with the assumption of a basic duality where spirit
is better than matter. Spiritual growth required transcending the lower physical planes which were considered traps. Rather than being thought of as
a vehicle for consciousness, the body was considered a prison.

However, multi-dimensionality is the ability to encompass and inhabit all levels of reality simultaneously. Rather than being trapped in the material, the
body is an anchor for spiritual beings to interact in the physical plane. The gift of a physical body is often overlooked, and the physical plane
frequently identified with pain, suffering and ego.  Some seek to escape through ascension into higher consciousness. However, being multi-
dimensional does not mean being one-dimensional even if it is a high dimension. It means consciously inhabiting all dimensions.

What if we are not here to escape matter, but to spiritualism matter; to open the doors between the realms, bringing the gifts of each to bear on the
other? Truthfully, matter is already imbued with spirit; matter is the infusion of spirit into form. Spiritual sizing matter refers to the raising of frequency
such that matter loses its hold on our consciousness and we are free to come and go at will, free to use our creative energy to establish heaven on

In the creation of a new paradigm, each of us is creating the direction of the future. What that direction will be depends on the awareness with which
we each make our choices. How each of us behaves in the trials of this transition will determine the future we are creating. What we do is based on
what we hold precious, what we believe about reality and what we decide to treasure. Do we care enough to clear the past and engage the largest
part of who we are? If so, we must align our thoughts and actions to higher truth.

Accepting our place as spiritual beings co-creating this reality is the essence of the transformation underway. Learning to read the language of
energy and activate new energy patterns will allow each of us to fully participate in the path and purpose of life.  As we remember our essence, we will
awaken to the realization that humans are magnificent beings with unlimited potential. This is walking the path of energy.

*                        *                        *

Synthia Andrews, ND is a Naturopathic doctor with 30 years experience in bodywork and energy intuition. She has just completed the soon to be
released book, The Path of Energy: Awaken Personal Power and Expand Consciousness (New Page Books, June 2011), a handbook of principles
and practices for engaging energy awareness.  She can be reached at
“A very important work for those wanting to maximize their natural capabilities as a functional human.” Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Apollo Mission (6th
man to walk on the moon); founder of The Institute for Noetic Science author of The Way of the Explorer
      *                        *                        *

The Path of Energy: Awaken Your Personal Power and Expand Your Consciousness is a powerful blend of spiritual philosophy and scientific principles
woven into the perfection of a practical formula for everyday life. If you’ve always known that there’s more to you than you learned in Biology 101, but
find yourself intimidated By the technical language of science, this is the beautiful book you’ve been waiting for!”
 Gregg Braden, New York Times
bestselling author of
The Divine Matrix and Fractal Time
      *                        *                        *
"The Path of Energy provides an elegant and comprehensive understanding of the many faces and feelings of energy. Synthia is clearly a very
accomplished expert in the field of energy awareness and the practical application of its movement. I am so happy to whole-heartedly endorse this fine
book which is a must read for all of us in the healing field and for anyone interested in the flows of life force energy that fill us, surround us, and align us
with Spirit in this most amazing Universe. Well done!"  
Meredith Young-Sowers, D.Div. Founder and Director of the Stillpoint School of Integrative Life
Healing Author of Spirit Heals, the Angelic Messenger Cards, Wisdom Bowls, Spiritual Crisis and Agartha: A Journey to the Stars

      *                        *                        *
"We congratulate Synthia Andrews, ND for beautifully and skillfully writing a one of a kind book, on energy awareness, for the 21st century. As we
collectively move into realms of higher frequencies, being able to discern the delicate differences between energies becomes imperative.
The Path of
is without a doubt the ultimate source book for developing this vital ability." Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley, Bestselling authors of, Secrets of
the Light: lessons from Heaven

      *                        *                        `*
"My long research career into a multiplex of scientific subjects has included consciousness and the human brain's ability to affect its surroundings.
Through my wife Synthia I experienced first-hand a physical reaction within my body, changing my health for the good, that was accomplished through a
process she knowingly directed. I believe that Synthia Andrews holds an important piece of future scientific study"
 Colin Andrews,
author/Researcher/Investigative Journalist co-author of Undeniable Evidence, Signs of Change, The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012, and The Complete
Idiots Guide to the Basic Record
author of Government Circles.

      *                        *                        *

"Meditation is the key to body, soul and spirit health.
The Path of Energy is both an inner and outer guide to understand why and how the proper flow of
life connects us with an ongoing plan of Love. These guidelines are important to improve our lives as conscious beings in experiencing the thrill of
keeping healthy and open minds for the greater dimensions of Reality."
Des. J.J. Hurtak and Desiree Hurtak, Academy For Future Science, The
Keys of Enoch®
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