By Synthia Andrews, ND - Career Press, New Page Books
This meditation activates healing patterns By linking the physical body with its perfect energy template. The winged disk of ancient Egypt, like the
Zuni Eye of God, recognizes the God force at the heart of all creation. The winged disk was said to fly across the sky, keeping watch over creation
and bringing energy from the God-side of reality onto Earth when the Earth plane was out of balance. This meditation focuses on health as an
outcome of balanced and abundant life force. It channels healing energy in the form of higher frequencies that promote transformation. The Winged
Disk meditation acts as a star-bridge for people in the healing arts, channeling templates for physical reality from the God-side of creation.
Illustrated Instructions
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The Winged Disk: In this meditation, energy flows from your personal Star,
your spiritual Source, into your Crown chakra. Energy then flows along the
Hara line from your Crown to your Heart chakra, filling your Heart with golden
dancing star energy. Your Heart chakra opens to your hands which are filled
with healing light.

Ground, center and establish boundaries. Connect with your Star in the sky,
your spiritual Source.

1. Inhale, imagining Golden light in the form of dancing stars to fill your Crown

2 Exhale, visualizing energy streaming from your Crown to your Heart chakra,
filling your Heart with Golden starlight energy. Continue inhaling energy into your
Crown from your Spiritual Source, and exhale energy from your crown to your
Heart until your heart is as full as you would like. Then, open the channels to
your arms and with your breath, imagine energy flowing from your heart to your
hands until your hands are filled with Golden dancing stars.

3. With permission, send energy for the purpose of healing to any person who
asked, any situation, event or geographical location.

When you are finished, bring your energy into your Heart, ground,
center and establish your boundaries.
For more information about the benefits and uses of this meditation see, The Path of Energy, New Page Books, page 50-51.
Artwork By Johanna Sayre