This meditation activates your internal paths of energy, the meridians, By circulating energy along the Great Central Channel of Chinese
medicine.  The Circle of Life nourishes and revitalizes all aspects of your physical, mental and emotional being. It helps prepare your
nervous system to handle larger quantities of high frequency energy.  
By Synthia Andrews, ND - Career Press, New Page Books
Illustrated Instructions
The Circle of Life brings energy into you  hara, then sends it
along the Great Central Channel on either the external or internal

Ground, center and establish boundaries.

Sit comfortably with your back straight and well supported. Breathe in,
letting go of unnecessary tension. Relax your jaw and place your tongue
lightly on the roof of your mouth. Contract your perineum as if holding
your bladder.

Variation 1:
1.Breathe in, drawing the breath below your belly button to an area called
the Hara or Sea of Energy where vital life force is stored. Breathe light
into this area until your belly feels full and vibrant.  

2.Inhale again and imagine light flowing from your belly down under your
torso into your        sacrum, up your spine and out through the top of your
head. Exhale. Imagine energy flowing down your face, through your
tongue, down the front of your body, curling under your torso and up
your spine to complete the circuit. Keep the energy flowing along this
pathway until your bodymind feels awake and alive.

Variation 2:
3. Start the meditation By building energy in your coccyx instead of your
Hara. This is useful if you have restless legs or vibration in your coccyx,
both symptoms of Kundalini getting ready to rise (see Chapter Seven in
The Path of Energy book for more info).

4. Draw energy up your Hara line and imagine it spilling out the top of
your head like a fountain. Keep it flowing, allowing the energy to form a
Torus of energy that looks like a donut. (See illustration).

With both variations, at the completion of the meditation, draw all the
energy into your Hara for storage.  

Ground, center and establish boundaries.
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For more information about the benefits and uses of this meditation see, The Path of Energy, New Page Books, page 37-38.
Artwork By Johanna Sayre