A chakra can be experienced as a rotating vortex in the aura or as a nexus of sensory fibers used to explore and connect you to the world.  
Where you place your attention is where your fibers go. When your fibers anchor in one place, you become grounded in that reality and
way of seeing the world. When they are unattached, you have free attention open to explore new ways of thinking and new realities. A
balance between anchored and unattached fibers allows for stability, integrity, grounding and commitment while fostering flexibility of
thought, openness to new ideas, freedom from limiting beliefs, creativity and tolerance of others.
by Synthia Andrews, ND - Career Press, New Page Books
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For more information about the benefits and uses of this meditation, see The Path of Energy, New Page Books, page 42-43.
Chakra Fibers: This meditation helps you explore the seven key
physioemotional chakras as they function to sense your environment and
anchor you in the world. Becoming aware of this level of the chakra
system helps you be more connected to people, animals, plants and all
life. It also fortifies your intuitive capacity.

Sit or lie down and relax your mind. Ground, center and establish boundaries.

1. Bring your attention to your entire chakra system and see if one chakra draws your
attention. Focus your awareness on that chakra, otherwise focus on the entire system.

2. Imagine energy fibers flowing out of the center you have chosen and exploring the
world around you. Feel and see it flow to and around,objects, people, plants and
animals. Visualize it touching and investigating what it contacts.

3. Observe the fibers. Notice their color, thickness, flexibility, length, amount of light,
and so on. Do they move freely? Are they tangled? Are they lively and awake? Dull or

4. Notice what percentage are attached and what percentage are free to explore? Is it
the right balance for you at this time? If not, allow them to change.

5. Breath vitality into your fibers and imagine them full of life, freedom and joy.

When finished, ground, center and establish boundaries.
illustrated by Johanna Sayre