by Synthia Andrews, ND - Career Press, New Page Books
for Chapters 16 and 20
More information on the following exercises can be found in
The Path of Energy
Chapter 16
Dynamic Relationships pages 185-200
Building Intimacy Exercise
The Purpose of this exercise is to become aware of the flows of energy that naturally
happen between two people who are engaged in committed high level, loving
relationships.You are not creating these flows: they happen naturally. If you are
concerned about merging energy with another person, either do not do this exercise
or maintain  boundaries and intend that nothing of you be interfered with or lost, and
nothing of anyone else joins you.

Sit facing your partner on a mat or on stools with your knees touching..  
center and establish your boundaries.
To deepen the energy connection if you are on a mat with crossed legs, try sitting
inside the circle of your partner's legs as he or she sits inside the circle of your legs.
Wrap your arms around each other.

1. Press foreheads and honor the divine within.
2. Imagine energy flowing up your spine, over the top of your head and down the
center line of the front of your body, circling under your torso and rising up the spine
again. Have your partner do the same.
3. Become aware that your pathways merge. There are two variations how this
happens and the depth of your connection will determine which one is more natural
for you.
4. A- Energy rises up your spine, crosses over to your partner and flows down his or
her front center line, crossing back under you to rise up your spine. At the same time,
your partner’s energy is rising up his or her spine, crossing over the top of his or her
head and flowing down your front center line. The two pathways overlap as in Figure
16.1a. A variation of this link is for the energy to flow up the spine of one partner and
down the spine of the other partner.
4. B.-The more intimate variation utilizes the inner pathway of the Circle of Life
pattern. Invite energy to rise up the center line of one partner, out the crown chakra
and over the top of the head to the crown of the second partner. The energy will then
flow down the center line of the second person, out the base chakra and into the
base chakra of the first person. If the two partners are male and female, the energy
usually flows up the female and down the male as seen in the  illustration

5. Once the circuit is flowing, notice how each of your chakras connects with each of
your partner’s chakra of the same level. Notice the strength and quality of each
connection. Allow anything that needs to change to be adjusted.
6. Observe what you see in your mind’s eye, feel in your body and experience
emotionally. Let creative impulse direct the energy.
7. When the energy flow subsides, share your experiences with your partner.

Close the activations.
Ground, center and establish boundaries as you disconnect
Chapter 20
Embodying Changing Consciousness pages 242-256
Activating Pineal gland and Third Eye Exercise
Activating your pineal gland and amygdala will help you open to new
frequencies, receive heightened information and adjust more easily to

Ground, center and establish boundaries.
1  Activate the Pyramid Purification pattern and imagine two identically
sized pyramids superimposed over each other. Rotate one pyramid so
that the two bases overlap as in figure 1. This forms a sacred geometry
that receives the new frequency.
2. A-Visualize your head inside this structure.
2. B- Imagine a beam of light coming from your personal Star, your
Source, entering the top of the pyramids and through your Crown chakra
to focus on your pineal gland located in the center of your head at the
level of the bridge of the nose.
2. C- Visualize an infinity sign forming in your head with the pineal gland in
the center.The figure eight pattern is horizontal. One edge hits the third
eye and the back edge hits the back of the head.
2. D- The two pyramids  rotate in a clockwise direction
3. As light continues to enter the top of the pyramid, imagine the infinity
sign rotating counter clockwise. As it rotates it creates a torus spinning
around the pineal gland.

4. You now have two rotating fields of energy; the torus and the pyramids.

5.  Focus on the rotating fields and see if they want to change direction.
Notice what you feel throughout your body as they do. Let the fields
rotate back and forth in different directions until your brain and body feel
awakened, energized and balanced.
6. Your third eye is now activated and you can expect to feel more
connected to spiritual impulses.

When you feel complete, close the activations,
ground, center and
establish boundaries.
  4.A                                                4.B
illustration by Johanna Sayre
illustration by Johanna Sayre