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The Path of Energy
The Path of Energy uses active meditation and
visualization to increase awareness of internal energy
flows. This link will take you to a book summary,
article, and quick guide to the energy meditations.
Coming soon! Increase the meaning, fulfillment and
creativity in your life as you magnify your Presence
with eight energy-based practices.
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Material within this site supports the books The Path of Energy (New Page Books, 2011), The Path of Emotions
(New Page Books, 2012), and The Path of Presence (new Page Books, to be relased December of 2016).

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"The force generated by non-violence is infinitely greater than the force of all the armies invented by man's ingenuity" ~ M.K. Gandi
The Path of Emotions reveals the role of emotions in
expanding consciousness. Emotions are the language
of subtle energy, connecting the mind and body. This
link will take you to a summary of The Path of
Emotions and an article.